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Opioids and the bigger picture when treating chronic pain

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Opioids and the bigger picture when treating chronic pain – starting October 2019

NPS MedicineWise present “Opioids and the bigger picture when treating chronic pain” and invites your practice to participate in an educational visit for their latest program.  The current program provides clarity on the role of opioids when supporting patients with chronic non-cancer pain. It covers the latest evidence and offers advice on engaging patients to take an active role in managing pain. Information and resources covered as part of this educational visit:

  • Discussion includes the implications of emerging evidence on the management of chronic pain
  • Advice on how to engage patients in difficult conversations about opioids and tapering
  • Patient resources to improve outcomes for patients using opioids

Educational visits are available as:

  • One-on-one tailored discussion for GPs (30 minutes)
  • Virtual visits via video call, so GPs who find it difficult to schedule an in-practice visit can still benefit from our visiting program.
  • Small group meeting for up to 10 health professionals – GPs, practice nurses and pharmacists (1 hour)

More information is available here.

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