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More newborns to be welcomed locally with new Midwifery Group Practices established in the South-West

By August 19, 2020No Comments

The McGowan Government will establish Midwifery Group Practices (MGP) in the Warren-Blackwood district and Collie so expectant South-West families can access care closer to home.

The new MGPs will be staffed by specialist midwives who will work together in collaboration with local health practitioners to provide maternity and newborn care.

Telehealth services will also be used to establish antenatal classes and specialist obstetric consultations in the local community.

Local midwives, General Practitioners, South West Aboriginal Medical Service and consumers were consulted to determine the need for an MGP in the region.

The MGP is an internationally recognised; evidence based clinical initiative that provides quality and sustainable maternity care through:

  • on-call midwifery services 24/7;
  • increased access for local women to scheduled antenatal appointments;
  • early discharge home with postnatal follow-up and home visits up to four weeks;
  • care and care co-ordination by a known midwife;
  • increased access and support for expectant mothers; and
  • attendance by the primary midwife and support at medical appointments

If there are risks or complications, MGP midwives will liaise with relevant hospitals to ensure the best possible specialist care for their patients.

MGP models have been shown to assist with reducing rates of birth interventions, lower postnatal depression rates, increased breastfeeding rates, shorter lengths of stay and greater satisfaction from patients.

The new South-West MGPs will build on the commitment to this model of care with MGPs currently established in Broome, Northam and Bunbury.

The Warren-Blackwood MGP service is expected to start in September, while details of the Collie MGP are currently being finalised.

Sally Mueller