The Lishman Health Foundation

As an independent charitable organisation, the Lishman Health Foundation funds, facilitates and promotes health research that has significant health gain for individuals, families and communities living in south-west Western Australia and more broadly regional Australia.
Current research projects are listed below.  Click here to visit the full Lishman Health Foundation website.

BPMRI Busselton Health Study

The Busselton Population Medical Research Institute (BPMRI) is a charitable organisation conducting globally significant medical and population health research.  With research facilities in the Western Australian cities of Busselton and Perth, as well as collaborations nationally and globally, the institute conducts internationally recognised cross-sectional and longitudinal population health studies.

Research activities undertaken as part of the Busselton Health Studies are diverse and encompass a wide range of health conditions and measures. These have included cardiovascular disease, respiratory disease, diabetes and endocrine disorders, gastrointestinal, kidney and liver diseases, cancer, obesity, sleep disorders, cognition and genetic epidemiology.

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